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MJL Law are specialist solicitors in winning cases of genuinely work inflicted personal injury.

Who we help?

Our wish is to help the local hard working people of Horbury, Ossett and Wakefield who have had the misfortune to suffer an accident at work that was not their fault.

Those involved in an accident at work which was not their fault may be entitled to claim compensation for injuries plus any associated financial loss suffered.

We support genuine accident at work claimants who work in high risk environments such as building sites and also low risk environments like an office.

Typical circumstances for Accidents at Work which result in personal injury claims are:

•    Defective machinery/equipment;
•    Burns;
•    Falling objects;
•    Negligence of a colleague;
•    Unsafe working practices;
•    Falling from heights;
•    Lack of protective equipment.
•    Slips/trips;

How we help:

We come to you. Local home visits to those who have suffered injury is part and parcel of our personal service.

We take time to understand all your relevant personal circumstances.

No win, no fee.

We know that sometimes it can feel difficult to pursue a claim against your employer, you may feel anxious about the relationship and your future employment prospects.

That is why we support you every step of the way in every interaction and take care of communication with your employer on your behalf and in your best interest.

All employers have a duty to ensure that you are safe in your work environment. They must expect that where they have failed in this duty a claim will follow. This can lead to safer working environments for all.

All employees are protected under health and safety law. An employer is not permitted to dismiss you on the grounds that you are making a personal injury claim against them.

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