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MJL Law are specialist solicitors in dealing with claims due to injuries being inflicted whilst riding a horse.

Who we help?

Anyone in the Horbury, Ossett and Wakefield area who have suffered a horse riding or horse related injury.

There are many different causes of Horse riding accidents, such as:

  • Riders being provided with a horse which has an unsuitable temperament;
  • Injuries due to defective equipment they have been provided with such as a saddle, a bridle, reins, riding hat or a girth;
  • Injuries due to riding on an unsuitable surface;
  • Falling from the horse because their girth has not been fastened correctly;
  • Accidents caused due to poor leadership or management of a hack where ideally an instructor should take a place at the front and rear of the group and arrange the other riders and horses between;
  • Too many riders or failure to plan properly and give signals to traffic;
  • Being involved in a road accident with a motorised vehicle;
  • People being kicked, bitten or stood on by horses;
  • Horses falling due to defective obstacles at competitions.


How we help:

We come to you. Local home visits to those who have suffered injury is part and parcel of our personal service.

We take time to understand all your relevant personal circumstances.

No win, No fee.

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